Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle User Group

Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle User Group

Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle User Group

Congratulations to all organizers and attendees!
OSWOUG meeting Tuesday,  February 13, 2018 at Providence / St. Vincent


Fahd’s Saeed’s Slides, download here.
Analyze Storage and Performance using Data Visualization Desktop (DataViz)

Maria Colgan’s Slides, download here:
Database Features All Developers Should Know.pdf
Five Things You Might Not Know About the Oracle Database.pdf

   Maria Colgan
Master Product Manager at Oracle  

Clay Jackson
SharePlex Leading Technical Expert 
Advanced DBA,  Quest Software
The Future of the DBA in a World of Autonomous Databases

Fahd Saeed
Red Pill Analytics
Data Visualization Desktop 12c 
Analyze Storage and Performance using Data Visualization Desktop (DataViz)

Special thanks to Liron, Jared, and Clay for outstanding presentations in September 2017
Visit Liron Amitzi’s commentary summarizing the event

VIew presentation slides:
Liron Amitzi
Presentation Code Examples coming soon
Basic Datatypes - Deep Understanding
Understanding Query Optimizer Complexity

View presentation slides:
Jared Still
Pre-Meeting Revision:  Free-Oracle-Performance-tools
Download Final Meeting Version:  http://bit.ly/free-oracle-tools

Clay Jackson
What to Consider When Moving Your Oracle Database to the Cloud

May 2017 meeting:
Presentation Slides are now available for Download
Oracle 12c New Features
E-Business DBA Diary
Biju Thomas, OneNeck Solutions

QUEST Software


Oracle Corp.

Oracle Technology Network: TECHNET.


John J. King

King Training Resources

Jared Still’s SQL

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Board of Directors

Jon Wasserman

Gary Fox

Clay Jackson

Fahd Saeed

Arlene Gelbolingo

Souvonnah Ramsey

Ken Knowles

Don Bateson

David Portin

Julia Shozen

Shibin Li

Cheri Mosbrucker

Ping Zhao

Technology Advisory Board

Maria Colgan

Biju Thomas

Jared Still

PREVIOUS MEETING:  February 13, 2018  Itinerary

Portland:   Providence St. Vincent Medical Center

9135 SW Barnes Road Portland, OR.  97225. 

Building: Mother Joseph Plaza PSVMC-MJP 

Room: Springwater/Wildwood, 1st Floor Conference Room.

Free Parking: Best to park in the WEST Parking Structure nearest to the West Pavilion. 

Bus and Light Rail are nearby. Directions to Providence St. Vincent

Portland Schedule and Agenda

10:30        Sign-In, Networking.

                Continental Breakfast

10:50        Introduction


11:00       Maria Colgan, Oracle  

                New in 18c

11:30        Maria Colgan

                Oracle Database features every developer should know about

12:30        Lunch

1:00          Maria Colgan

                Five things you might not have known about the Oracle Database


2:00          Clay Jackson, Quest Software

                The Future of the DBA in a World of Autonomous Databases

3:00          Fahd Saeed, Red Pill Analytics 

                Analyze Storage and Performance using Data Visualization Desktop 12c (DVD) - Like a BOSS !!

4:00          Wrap-up

Presentation Details:

Maria Colgan       New in 18c -  A Brief Overview

Maria Colgan       Oracle Database features every developer should know about

    Over the years, a lot of new features have been introduced in the Oracle Database to save developers time and to spare them from having to reinvent the wheel. Many of these features are actively highlighted via conference sessions or blogs when a new release is launched but over time are forgotten before they can be put to good use.

    In this session, we will discuss the critical features that already existing in the Oracle Database, which every developer should not only know about but also utilize.  Using easy-to-follow examples, we will demonstrate when and where you should take advantage of these features to make your life easier and help you getting the best out of your Oracle Database, regardless of whether you are a DBA or a developer.

Maria Colgan        Five things you might not have known about the Oracle Database

    In this session, we'll look at 5 things you might not have known about the Oracle Database - or that you might have known about but never realized how they could benefits you. For each topic we will provide a detailed explanation of the functionality and demonstrated the benefits using real-world examples. The topics covered are applicable for any one running Oracle Database 11g and 12c Standard Edition, with only a couple of minor exceptions.

    After this session, we hope that you’ll understand a little more about these features and how they’ll benefit you and your organization.

Clay Jackson       The Future of the DBA in a World of Autonomous Databases

    This presentation will uncover the truth behind Oracle's claims that Autonomous Databases will require "No Human Intervention" and "No Human Labor"; and detail which parts of Database Administration will be "Autonomous" and which will not. It will also suggest ways current DBAs can expand and update their skills to remain relevant in this new world. It will show that the need for skilled and experienced "data people" will actually increase and expand, as autonomous databases become more ubiquitous.

Fahd Saeed         Analyze Storage and Performance using Data Visualization Desktop 12c (DVD) - Like a BOSS !!

    Database administrators and storage architects have a lot on their plate. With a bevy of SQL queries in their back pocket, being responsible for a multitude of databases, why wouldn’t they want to create custom data visuals that tie all this information together, to either report on issues, performances, or perhaps brag about the uptime, space and capabilities ? 

    Oracle’s newest data visualization tool, Data Visualization Desktop 12c (DVD), allows you to quickly connect to a number of datasets within minutes and produce sweet, succulent graphical charts (like a BOSS). In this presentation, we will take a look at quickly installing DVD, connecting DVD to SQL queries and CSV files to create visualization that you’ll be proud to show off within your organization. 

Update from Bill Slocumb’s Presentation of February 2017


Organized and Presented by:  William J. Slocumb

Bill Slocumb, is a database security specialist and has conducted several dozen database risk assessments over the last couple of years throughout North America.  He’s presenting “Database Risk Assessments Lessons-Learned” to show you common elements and weaknesses common to most of the customers he’s evaluated.  Bill will explain database security concepts, common customer shortfalls and remediation for common database security issues.  Concepts he discusses are applicable to any data store whether Oracle or not.  Oracle’s security profile program is open to all customers.

Please contact Bill or Oracle to arrange an in-depth analysis.  You may also reach Jon Wasserman jsw@oswoug.org to be connected to Bill.


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