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OSWOUG Meeting Portland: 4 times each year. Feb.,May,Aug.,Nov. on the second Tuesday.

The meeting is held at The Puget Sound Energy Building OR DOWNTOWN SEATTLE ( May meeting in Seattle) on the following day.  MAY 2017.  Westlake Center 1601 5th Avenue, Seattle, 98101

Topic 1: 45 Minutes

Oracle Database 12c R2 Features for Administrators and Developers


As of March 1, 2017, Oracle 12c Release 2 is available for download from OTN. Similar to R1, R2 comes with an array of cool features. We will review a bunch of changes in R2 that are of interest to DBA as well as Developers. It is common to think that you are not going to be using 12cR2 anytime soon then why to bother. Knowing better features that ease the workload and that protect the data better helps you to convince the business and management to get to a newer and fully supported release faster.

-       SQL*Plus features (run fast flag, better batch & lob prefetching, etc.)

-       Partition enhancements

-       Materialized view enhancements

-       New in PDB management

-       Is adaptive query optimization still a problem?

-       Notable features missing in EE compared to EE on Exadata or Cloud

-       And much more…



Topic 2: 45 Minutes

Learnings from my E-Business Suite Diary


Biju has been tuning and managing EBS instances since 2007. Over the years he has seen many challenges and has been part of implementations and upgrades that resulted in better management options, better security, and better performance. Though specific reference is on EBS, the learning applies to any Oracle database.

-       Challenges of MRP and ASCP in RAC instance

-       Why we chose Data Pump for DB11gR2/EBS11i/Solaris migration to DB12c/EBSr12/Linux

-       Implication of TEMP_UNDO_ENABLED parameter in 12c

-       Listener stack size & WF error – where is the value coming from?

-       And a few more interesting ones.

Topic 3: 30 Minutes

TOAD: New Features

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