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Oregon and Southern Washington Oracle Users Group


Previous Events: Presentation Slides

Maria Colgan’s Slides, Feb. 2018

Database Features All Developers Should Know.pdf

Five Things You Might Not Know About the Oracle Database.pdf

Fahd’s Saeed’s Presentation, Feb. 2018

Analyze Storage and Performance using Data Visualization Desktop (DataViz)

Biju Thomas Presentation May 2017

Oracle 12c New Features

E-Business DBA Diary

Tim Gorman Presentation November 2016,  Table Compression

Phill Rizzo, Regional Sales Manager, Oracle Corp.. Oracle Data Integration Data Integration Overview.pdf  SLIDES:  Lots of technical details . Future strategy for Data Integration. for handling Oracle Applications and Enterprise Resources.  Presentation Dates:  May 14-15, 2013.

Gary Fox,  DBA Team Lead XEROX.  Data Guard.ppt   Presentation Date: February 12, 2013

OSWOUG NoSQL Release 3.0 Overview.pdf OSWOUG NoSQL Release 3.0 Overview.pdf

Bradley Brown, TUSC(ROLTA) Co-Founder: Application Express : 4 presentations

Richard Niemiec, TUSC(ROLTA) Co-Founder and President: How Oracle Came to Rule the Database World

Jared Still,  Pythian, Oracle Oak Table: Optimize SQL with Advanced Grouping

      Jared’s Corner: Code Examples and Publications

David Segleau, Oracle Corporation,: Oracle NoSQL Database Overview

Gwen Shapira, Pythian,  Big Data: Hadoop,  and link to Exadata presentations.

Mark Henderson and Rick Stehno from LSI: Solid State Storage in Oracle Environments

Boris Trukhnov: Installing 11g R2 Databases using VMWare and RH Linux: Complete details.

Accessing Hierarchical Data in Oracle: presenter Carol-Lee Tutch

Jared Still, Oracle Oak Table:  Optimize SQL with Advanced Grouping

David Segleau: Oracle NoSQL Database Overview

    A clear and precise introduction.

Dave Segleau, Dir. Product Mgmt , Oracle,:  Part II:  Oracle NoSQL DB Overview & Use Cases -- OSWOUG -- 2-13-13.pdf     Presentation Date:  February 13, 2013 in Bellevue