Bradley D. Brown - OSWOUG May Presentations



Class Slides

From Zero to 60 with Oracle Application Express
Apex from concept to delivery to support.  We'll start with an existing database (i.e. an Excel spreadsheet) and build a real world application from the ground up.  A number of Apex applications will be demonstrated and discussed in detail.  You'll see how far these applications were taken to solve real world problems.  This session will discuss and demonstrate the applications' functional requirements, how the applications were extended, the net results and cost savings.

Apex is a declarative web-based application development & deployment environment.  It's a powerful and easy way to quickly develop a database-centric Web application.  You can install Apex on your own machines or run in a hosted environment on Oracle's site.  All development (construction of pages) is done through the browser interface.  You can use the SQL Workshop and the Data Workshop to run SQL and add data to your environment.  This easy-to-use tool will impress you in no time at all!

Once everyone has the Apex foundations under their belt, we'll press the pedal to the metal and dig into the real power of Apex and its comprehensive functionality.  Numerous advanced tips and techniques will be covered in this presentation.  These topics include: pop-up windows, complex searches, document management, indexing and searching, "tool tip" or hints, email links, page 0, help text, background jobs, "add to my calendar" feature, saving contacts (VCF), sending mass emails, and more.




Building a Mashup with Application Express
Traditionally people think of ApEx as being an "Oracle database" tool only - not a mashup tool. However, Brad will show how you can consuming Web Services to access data from any source - Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Access, Excel, Cloud Databases (like Zoho), etc. In Brad's presentation titled "Scalable Oracle ApEx" he explains how to create an n-tier architecture for ApEx. This architecture provides unparalleled scalability to your organization. This presentation explains the implementation side (i.e. the specifics) of this solution.


Presentation Slides
Recession-proof your company with SOA
Using Quick Turns for Quick Feedback
The ability to rapidly modify service offerings is becoming key to success in today's turbulent economy. Many companies are turning to SOA to help their business reduce development effort and achieve agility, but implementing SOA effectively has proved a daunting challenge all its own. How can today's IT managers and CIOs realistically propose SOA and quickly deliver benefits without risking their jobs? Rolta TUSC's Brad Brown will explain why historic SOA implementations have failed, how you can benefit from innovative software that fundamentally transforms the complexity of implementing SOA to an "instant" task, and how an agile, iterative approach can deliver rapid ROI for your business and ultimately lower total cost of ownership. In a time where budgets can be cut at a moment's notice, this briefing will ensure you derive value from your SOA initiatives in weeks and become the "hero" for your business.


Presentation Slides
Wimpy Web Services vs. Powerful Flexible Web Services
The importance of strong Web Services, the difference between wimpy services and powerful flexible Web services. Many companies today are attaching SOA MBOs to their technical teams. These performance metrics often measure based on quantity rather than quality. What is quality? Reuse? Performance? Flexibility? Brad will discuss this topic in detail.